Welcome to Lavender Waves Farm, a private lavender farm located in the heart of Southern Rhode Island

Welcome to Lavender Wave Farm, we are so happy you're here!

We are a locally-owned, 14 acre lavender farm situated in the heart of Southern Rhode Island in the great town of South Kingstown.

Lavender Waves Farm is home to 60 animals, 4,000 lavender plants of 10 varieties, and a luxury Airbnb farm suite.

We look forward to seeing you either at one of our farm events or for a stay in our luxuriously rustic Farm Suite.

Lavender Waves Farm


"Lovely place, had so much fun cutting our own lavanda. The lemonade was so refreshing, definitely a must have. The owner gave us a very informative talk. We got to meet the camels and the llamas. If you have the opportunity go and visit"

Fabiola Almazan Olivar

"Yoga in the Lavender was such a beautiful way to start the beautiful day!! ???? Great farm will definitely be going back for all the Lavender products also!!"

Lisa Wotring

"This is one of the most special places I’ve visited in a long time. The owner has created an oasis where you can cut your own lavender bundle (they have several varieties, including white), and he offers a small talk all about the history of the farm, the types of lavender and how to cut it. There are llamas, alpacas and even camels living on the farm and it’s clear they are well cared for. They have the most beautiful little shop and you cannot leave without buying a lavender lemonade. I can’t wait to go back!"

Jodi Cummings

"Beautiful lavender fields! Each variety is labeled so you know what you're picking. You get a ton of lavender for the cost, you'll be surprised at how big a bundle you go home with. There is no shade, so make sure you wear sunscreen and a hat. The store selling lavender goodies was really cute."

Katie Umbenhauer

"What a true joy to visit this gorgeous lavender farm on such a sunny summer day in RI! The pristine lavender rows seem to go on forever. The aerial view of them is truly stunning! Picking your own lavender, purchasing lavender soap, candles and the lavender lemonade a most welcome treat! The animals and owner were so peaceful & welcoming to us all! It's what this earth was meant to be like. If you haven't seen it yet, please go - it's a very cool experience!"

Karen Maze

"Took my mom as a birthday gift. Had a great time. The owners are so nice and give a whole explaination and history of the farm before you begin. Try the lavender lemonade!"

Victoria Shaughnessy

"My wife and I stayed here for 2 nights and this place is an absolute gem. The owner was extremely accommodating and gave us a tour of the property and we even splurged for the in-suite culinary experience. I STRONGLY recommend taking advantage of this experience for a one-of-a-kind, lavender-infused meal."

Adam F

"Lavender Waves Farm is one of my favorite places I have ever stayed. Truly a hidden gem in south county RI. Beautiful, peaceful and unique! The lavender farm and gazebo look like they are out of a magazine and the view from the bedroom makes it feel like you are staying in your own little world. Stop your search here and give Lavender Waves Farm a try, you wont regret it!"

Nick Spardello

"Had a fun time picking lavender and exploring the animals. The staff were all delightful"

Becky Newman

"This is my favorite Lavender Farm! Henry, the owner and his staff are knowledgeable and kind. He is truly a gentleman farmer who shares his passion and incorporates sustainability into his farming. The many animals, birds and insects are well cared for here! I loved helping feed the animals too! Thank you for teaching me how to cut lavender....I will always remember and be grateful. Take a beautiful ride to Lavender Waves Farm you won't regret it!"

Lori Bridge

"We had an amazing time at the farm suite. We got to visit the baby lambs that were just born a few days ago. The field looked gorgeous coveted on snow. We enjoyed the lavender gourmet dinner we opted for on our first night. Everything was perfectly prepared and tasted like a five star restaurant. We will definitely be back this summer to see the field in bloom!"

Hugh Carney

"I was at Lavender Waves Farm this past Saturday; it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Everyone on the farm was so very pleasant to chat with. The smell walking in is irresistible and comforting. I walked around the entire time sniffing a sprig of lavender, so much so that when I came home and had to blow my nose a piece of calyx came out into the tissue!! Certainly, I am not the first person this has happened to, and I know I will not be the last….Perhaps though, the first to admit it! I enjoyed the freshly squeezed lavender lemonade and bought a few vials of the lavender tincture to use at home . While you are there, even if you do not have to use the washroom, make sure to peek in. The animals are the icing on the cake of this charming farm. I look forward to future visits. There is a lot of love put into every detail of this serene space. I wish you much success in your lavender dreams!"

Christine Filosa

"Such a amazing experience. The lavender fields are pristine, the people are so incredibly welcoming and helpful. Such a relaxing experience."

Maureen Moan

"Amazing lavender farm! It’s simply breathtaking! We love the summer lavender cutting days and had a blast last year. We recently stayed at the Airbnb overlooking the lavender field. It was so relaxing to wake up and see the sun rise over the field while enjoying a cup of coffee in the gazebo. We love this place and will be back soon!"

Linda C